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Intel® computer vision SDK (Opencv, Opencx and more)

Intel computer vision SDK the results of itseez acquisition The Intel defined the future usage of processing power by many acquisitions ...

Vl 17 Nov, 2017 8

Install Opencv in docker (ubuntu) build app in docker

How to run and build an application based on Opencv in a Docker container is the purpose of this tutorial. The process described below is ...

Vl 2 Oct, 2017 7

Opencv 3.3.0 released information

Some my notes about new releases. Based on changelog and released notes.  Deep neural network module is now accelerated with improved p...

Vl 8 Aug, 2017 2

Review of machine learning course by Andrew Ng

Machine learning by Andrew Ng I would like to summarize couple of thoughts about this famous coursera course. I just guess what you ...

Vl 8 Aug, 2017 10

Comment Microsoft build 2017 computer vision for smart work environment

Microsoft and cognitive service computer vision is one of the most visible on build 2017  Looks pretty cool, Microsoft machine learning ...

Vl 14 May, 2017

Machine learning, computer vision are future of Fake news

Future of Machine learning in 2017 from the dark side Machine intelligence is our future. It is almost everywhere in some form right ove...

Vl 6 May, 2017 1

Tracking example in opencv, better than surfer video, same technology

Opencv target tracking example The computer vision is just super fun. Machine learning with just visible results.. This is so powe...

Vl 25 Apr, 2017 35