Opencv Youtube tutorials

All the youtube tutorials related to C++ OpenCV are listed on this page. You can found a tutorial for Yolo darknet basic object detection, GStreamer in OpenCV, IP camera capture and more.

Selected youtube playlist

Youtube tutorial: Opencv Yolo Darknet object detection 

Darknet to detect multiple classes of objects. The code is under 100 lines of simple code. The code is using yolov3-tiny.weights of neural network and appropriate configuration yolov3-tiny.cfg

Youtube tutorial: Opencv capture IP camera

This video will show how to connect the old DLINK camera from Opencv 4 c++ program and display the mjpeg video stream.


Youtube tutorial: Opencv GStreamer on Windows video writer to stream from C++ app to IP address to the web player

This tutorial is to follow up on the installation (build) guide of #opencv and GStreamer on Windows, build for Visual Studio 2019 and configured by CMake. This tutorial is available in the link below. After you build Opencv libraries with Gstreamer you can create the application described in this video. This simple app allows you to use a video writer in C++ to stream the processed video on IP address and display on the simple web player. It is very useful for many production applications based on Opencv. This is even easier to achieve in Linux. My computer is slow, and the stream is not that stable, but works.

Youtube tutorial: Compile Opencv 4 with GStreamer and extra modules on Windows for Visual Studio 2019 project

This tutorial shows how to install / compile OpenCV with extra modules and GStreamer on windows for Visual Studio Projects. Step By step picture by picture tested on OpenCV 4 and GStreamer. Project configured in CMAKE and build in Visual Studio 2019.

Youtube tutorial: simple opencv tracking API example

The most simple demonstration and explanation tutorial of opencv tracking API code in C++.

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