Smart advertising panels, Opencv C++ app in chrome by Google Native Client

clever advertising panel face detection

Smart billboards with computer vision

Smart billboards like big TV panels in supermarkets is not really smart. This simple example demonstrate this sequence. Simple say hello to potential customer, when the panel see incoming people. Just start some sequence to reach more customers by interactive messages. What is cool on it?  You can measure number of people you see and calculate the ratio of people that touch the panel.  Based on this information panel can automatically chose the best one from the database. 

Opencv Portable Native Client 

I wrote this simple application in C++ using the Pepper API communicate directly with  javascript. It is some kind of sandbox running program under the Chromium (Google chrome browser). This mean that the program running on client side. That's a really cool. The C++ app on client side distributed over internet.  This technology is mainly used to port old games and  demanding applications to the web. 

 Interactive advertising and responsible design

The best thing is connecting more challenging computer vision applications than mine with real world and design simple HTML interface of your smart panel. 

Main advantage is 
  1. Distribution, distribution, distribution of this apps 
  2.  Updates. 
  3. Cross platform of C++ code. 
  4. Simple HTML interface for designers

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