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Intel® computer vision SDK (Opencv, Opencx and more)

Intel computer vision SDK the results of itseez acquisition The Intel defined the future usage of processing power by many acquisitions ...

Vl 17 Nov, 2017 8

Review of machine learning course by Andrew Ng

Machine learning by Andrew Ng I would like to summarize couple of thoughts about this famous coursera course. I just guess what you ...

Vl 8 Aug, 2017 10

Intel just buy MobilEye

Intel invest in computer vision Intel more and more focus on computer vision technology, software and mainly related  hardware.  In past...

Vl 13 Mar, 2017

About Opencv 3.2 and Deep Regression Networks

Opencv 3.2, and Deep Regression Networks Opencv 3.2 is out. I am just checking the change log. What is inside from the my point of v...

Vl 18 Jan, 2017

Amazon GO driven by modern computer vision from business perspective

Amazon GO driven by modern computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning  In my eyes this is the brilliant idea. Just walk in, pick u...

Vl 17 Jan, 2017 1

Facebook page is out as Funvisionblog

Facebook page is out. Stay tuned to more tutorials, news and updates. Funvision

Vl 17 Dec, 2016

Alchemy API - Vision Testing

Testing Alchemy Vision is powerful computer vision API that provide advance image understanding for business ...

Vl 12 Mar, 2016

Science and computer vision journals, conferences and sources

Science Journals in general I think that, if you have something published in IEEE . You are the really good one. I have. It is not in...

Vl 12 Mar, 2016