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trailer Testing opencv 4 Deep neural network module

trailer- Testing opencv 4 deep neural network I am working on tutorial and notes about DNN module. Step by step from installation to p...

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About Opencv 3.2 and Deep Regression Networks

Opencv 3.2, and Deep Regression Networks Opencv 3.2 is out. I am just checking the change log. What is inside from the my point of v...

Vl 18 Jan, 2017

Amazon GO driven by modern computer vision from business perspective

Amazon GO driven by modern computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning  In my eyes this is the brilliant idea. Just walk in, pick u...

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Computer vision car dataset for opencv and machine learning

Opencv free car detection dataset for HAAR and LBP  classifier learning. Collect the positive samples should be a boring and long term iss...

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Car NVIDIA deep Learning Platform. CES 2016

NVIDIA DRIVE PX2, deep learning for automotive  Capabilities  NVIDIA DRIVE™ PX 2 NVidia launched NVIDIA DRIVE™ PX 2 platform for...

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