March 2020

How to set Tensorflow 2 on

This simple tutorial show you how to set Tensorflow 2 version in google Colab. It is simple step by step, picture by pi...

Vl 21 Mar, 2020

Compile Opencv with GStreamer for Visual Studio 2019 on windows 10 with and contribution modules

The goal of this tutorial is a simple step-by-step compilation of Opencv 4.2 with the contribution of extra modules with GStreamer as a bo...

Vl 16 Mar, 2020 7

Download My custom trained Opencv Cascade Classifier for detectMultiScale

This tutorial contains a list of custom trained LBP and HAAR cascade trained for Opencv CascadeClassifier detect multiscale method. You c...

Vl 12 Mar, 2020

Face mouth eyes, facial landmarks detection tutorial for Opencv C++

This tutorial shows simple and useful code on how to detect face and face landmarks in OpenCV C++. It is a very simple task for 30 minutes...

Vl 9 Mar, 2020