November 2016

opencv IP camera video stream capture and people detection

In that tutorial, I just want to introduce how to read the more video streams in threads. In some cases, you need to have FFMPEG installed...

Vl 28 Nov, 2016 14

Video stabilization by good feature to track, opticalFlowPytLK and median Just example

Video stabilization by optical flow and median..  I have to say. This is only alpha version. First of all, I want to release vide...

Vl 20 Nov, 2016 2

Face features detection testing video clandmark

Face features detection testing clandmark I like this project because some of the authors also teach me at CTU in Prague. This is j...

Vl 16 Nov, 2016

Car detection in opencv

This is one of the results achieved by the free dataset for car detection on my blog  here .  I have a plan to provide some basic scripts ...

Vl 12 Nov, 2016 2

Computer vision car dataset for opencv and machine learning

Opencv free car detection dataset for HAAR and LBP  classifier learning. Collect the positive samples should be a boring and long term iss...

Vl 10 Nov, 2016 1