Visual Studio 2015

Fast Opencv people pedestrian detection Tutorial by CascadeClassifier

Simple Opencv C++ tutorial and example of people detection in video samples and pictures. There is nothing you cannot achieve in a few sim...

Vl 11 Mar, 2016 20

Opencv 3.1 people detection by CascadeClassifier

The comparison of Opencv Cascade for people detections. Default opencv cascades are good ones. You can simply achieve better results but y...

Vl 2 Mar, 2016 16

Opencv tutorial, Read all images withim a folder (Windows) and Labeled Data

This is an example of how to load all images inside the folder on the Windows system. I use this to collect vector<Mat> to train th...

Vl 5 Feb, 2016 2

Opencv C++ Tutorial Sliding Window

Opencv C++ tutorial about object detection with sliding window. A sliding window is easy to implement on a single scale and also not to mu...

Vl 8 Dec, 2015 5

Basic Face Detection, Opencv 3 Visual Studio 2015

Basic Opencv Face Detection Tutorial Basic Opencv C++ tutorial how to detect the face from video image and any source you can achieve. ...

Vl 23 Nov, 2015 18

Install opencv Visual Studio 2015

Opencv tutorial on how to build OpenCV from source in Visual Studio 2015. This is useful when the new version has just been released and th...

Vl 21 Nov, 2015 70