March 2016

Opencv tracking example

Median flow tracker code coming soon Simple median flow tracker base od goodFeaturesToTrack  calcOpticalFlowPyrLK TODO comp...

Vl 14 Mar, 2016 1

Alchemy API - Vision Testing

Testing Alchemy Vision is powerful computer vision API that provide advance image understanding for business ...

Vl 12 Mar, 2016

Science and computer vision journals, conferences and sources

Science Journals in general I think that, if you have something published in IEEE . You are the really good one. I have. It is not in...

Vl 12 Mar, 2016

Fast Opencv people pedestrian detection Tutorial by CascadeClassifier

Simple Opencv C++ tutorial and example of people detection in video samples and pictures. There is nothing you cannot achieve in a few sim...

Vl 11 Mar, 2016 20

Opencv 3.1 people detection by CascadeClassifier

The comparison of Opencv Cascade for people detections. Default opencv cascades are good ones. You can simply achieve better results but y...

Vl 2 Mar, 2016 16