opencv instalation

Tracking example in opencv, better than surfer video, same technology

Opencv target tracking example The computer vision is just super fun. Machine learning with just visible results.. This is so powe...

Vl 25 Apr, 2017 35

Simple Install opencv Visual Studio 2017 by NUGET

Simple installation of OpenCV for Visual Studio 2017 by image example. Easy and fast way to start coding in OpenCV by Nuget packages. If yo...

Vl 23 Apr, 2017 13

Car detection in Opencv LBP cascade to download

LBP ( included to download) and Haar features in OpenCV detectMultiscale are one of the most simple and also powerful (Old sure) to dete...

Vl 18 Dec, 2016 3

Easy Opencv 3.1, opencv 2.4.13 instalation Visual Studio 2015 NUGET

Easy Opencv installation for Visual Studio 2015 C++ project by NUGET packages. Your opencv is ready to use under 2 minutes after you find ...

Vl 20 Aug, 2016 12