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Comment Microsoft build 2017 computer vision for smart work environment

Microsoft and cognitive service computer vision is one of the most visible on build 2017  Looks pretty cool, Microsoft machine learning ...

Vl 14 May, 2017

Amazon GO driven by modern computer vision from business perspective

Amazon GO driven by modern computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning  In my eyes this is the brilliant idea. Just walk in, pick u...

Vl 17 Jan, 2017 1

Facebook page is out as Funvisionblog

Facebook page is out. Stay tuned to more tutorials, news and updates. Funvision

Vl 17 Dec, 2016

Opencv Multiple People Tracking. It is necessary to be perfect ?

Multiple people tracking Opencv tracking of multiple people example videos and some ideas about the business behind. I would like to menti...

Vl 18 Oct, 2016 36

Microsoft cognitive-services VS Google Vision API

Microsoft cognitive-services VS Google Vision API Simple comparison of result of Microsoft cognitive-services VS Google Vision API. Ch...

Vl 25 Jul, 2016 2

Alchemy API - Vision Testing

Testing Alchemy Vision is powerful computer vision API that provide advance image understanding for business ...

Vl 12 Mar, 2016

Microsoft Project oxford computer vision

Research AI and Computer vision There is some demo. Actually it works. I am younger and good thing is that gender is right. Projec...

Vl 23 Feb, 2016 2

Computer vision in mobile apps.

Computer vision mobile apps The biggest piece of computer vision apps are related to fun. I am not talking about image processing but ...

Vl 19 Feb, 2016 1

Computer vision news from ICCV 2015

Share this for more tutorials and computer vision post from me.. Thanks best Vladimir The Marr Prize   The Marr Pr...

Vl 19 Dec, 2015

Nasa testing Microsoft Hololens in Space

Hololens in space Nasa testing hololens at Jet propulsion laboratory in Pasadena, California. This is not only social interaction for...

Vl 11 Dec, 2015