Computer vision in mobile apps.

Computer vision mobile apps

The biggest piece of computer vision apps are related to fun. I am not talking about image processing but about computer vision. Look at these apps.

Fun Morph apps 

Fun applications are mainly focus on augmented reality and Face Substitution or replacement. This 10 minutes of fun applications are great instead of youtube. You can create your child looks with your gf with 2 photos and one click.

  • This is great valuable tool in movie and TV insdustry. Smart film effects in future mobile phones will be scary tool. Imagine 2000 video of Leonardo Dicaprio at the same time on difference place on the earth. 
  • This apps are for fun and definitelly for short period

Sport computer vision apps

The profesional footbal player uses smart tracking belts. Or some kind of computer vision tracking apps. All this apps in Hockey, Ragby and American fotbal focus on strategy. This is professional usage of computer vision and system like this for his price cannot find in Appstore.

There is some potential in individual improvements of your sport skills. There will be some smart apps which help you to do your exercise in right way. For example at the gym. Imagine that you are exercising on the machine an phone tracking your body parts. Phone could tell you information about your heard and look at you if you do movements correctly. Great.
This tennis app is rly good one. Look at this.

Tennis Camera

Fashion and makeup computer vision apps

Great and fun concept. In some stores have ipads with application for example Loreal where you can try different colors and style on face. I think that this kind of apps have a secret potential in near future for whole body fashion.

Automatic babysitter

Maybe and maybe not. There is better some kind of sensors in build in  childrens pad. Monitoring heart frequency and breath. This informations are much more valuable than anythink you can obtain from the video. Still, All of us want to watch our babies visually. Improvements could be in smart notification together with some sensor fusin like camera, smart pad, sound notification. 

Security computer vision Apps

Is there space only for video prewiev? Maybe not in near future. Some devices has H264 processors but some of tham use whole its power to handle modern codecs.
 When you need instant monitoring of something. For exapmle car or house. You need to use something else than your mobile phone. Something from internet of things concepts cloud service that handle smart computer vision task. 

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