February 2016

Opencv 3.1 Tutorial Optical flow (calcOpticalFlowFarneback)

Opencv simple C++ tutorial and code to achieve optical flow and farneback optical flow of moving an object in OpenCV video. Let's chec...

Vl 25 Feb, 2016 22

Opencv tutorial, VideoCapture playback, frame skip

Opencv C++ tutorial on how to playback video frames and video loaded into memory, Fast video replay by slider. Simple described and working...

Vl 21 Feb, 2016

Computer vision in mobile apps.

Computer vision mobile apps The biggest piece of computer vision apps are related to fun. I am not talking about image processing but ...

Vl 19 Feb, 2016 1

Install opencv with ffmpeg Debian Jessie linux

FFMPEG Debian Jessie and Opencv instalation Share this for more tutorials and computer vision post from me.. Thanks best Vladimir ...

Vl 19 Feb, 2016 1

Opencv tutorial, Read all images withim a folder (Windows) and Labeled Data

This is an example of how to load all images inside the folder on the Windows system. I use this to collect vector<Mat> to train th...

Vl 5 Feb, 2016 2