Computer vision car dataset for opencv and machine learning

Opencv free car detection dataset for HAAR and LBP  classifier learning. Collect the positive samples should be a boring and long term issue. For example, negative samples is possible cut from random position and also random images. 

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License for opencv car dataset

Use this version on your own risk. If you failed with learning the detector. I am not responsible for that. I am also not responsible if the dataset is not the perfect one for you. Please mention this blog as a source of the dataset and provide a link here. It will be updated. 
For research, personal use is available only with previously mentioned conditions. 
For commercial use send me a gift card, a sample of your product or whatever and respect the conditions above. THANKS

What is in version 1 opencv car dataset

I just record the highway and extract cars from this sample by background substraction and save the detected rectangles. I do some raw cleaning by hand. Here is a download. Only the positive samples.. If you want also the negatives one. You can collect yourself of wait for the update..

What will be next steps.
  • I will update the dataset. 
  • Prepare some utility 
  • Evaluation of the dataset
  • Learning example


To the coments write me info about results achieved by the datasets. I still have no time to use this my new one.

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  • Akseosolutions
    Akseosolutions October 28, 2018 at 12:27 AM

    This is very informatics, fresh and clear. I feel that everything has been depicted in efficient way with the goal that peruser could get most extreme data and realize numerous things.

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