Helicopter with vibrating suspended load

Position and vibration control

This is really nice control example on experimental tool developed in our group at Czech Technical University in Prague. The experiment on video deal with oscillation of suspended load during helicopter maneuver. The goal is control the Helicopter position with standard control loops which are conventional in real cases. The second important goal is control vibration of suspended load. 

Signal Shaper 

In this examples is part of our research publicated in such prestigious journals[1] [2].

[1]Vyhlidal T., Hromcik M., Kucera V. Anderle M., On feedback architectures with zero vibration signal, Accepted IEEE Transaction on Automatic Control as regular paper

[2]Vyhlidal T., Kucera V., Hromcik M, Signal shapers with distribute
delays: spectral analysis and design,  Automatica, Vol 49, Issue 11, November 2013, pp 3484-3489

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