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Simple Install opencv Visual Studio 2017 by NUGET

Simple installation of OpenCV for Visual Studio 2017 by image example. Easy and fast way to start coding in OpenCV by Nuget packages. If yo...

Vl 23 Apr, 2017 13

Helping on stackoverflow with tracking and people counting.

Helping on stackoverflow Maybe some of this ideas are useful also for you.  Question was??  You have one people income stream and you...

Vl 16 Apr, 2017

Tracking and Train SVM detector with HOG features online

Support vector machine with Histogram of oriented gradient trained near online, and tracker.  Building the SVM detector based on ...

Vl 5 Apr, 2017 3

My publications in Journals and Conference

Research results in vibration control, Time delay systems and control theory How force to follow through the Ph.D. thesis. This is...

Vl 19 Mar, 2017

Binary Convolutional neural network by XNOR.AI

Binary Convolutional neural network by XNOR.AIGreat idea to save memory and computation by different type number representation. Convolut...

Vl 14 Mar, 2017

Intel just buy MobilEye

Intel invest in computer vision Intel more and more focus on computer vision technology, software and mainly related  hardware.  In past...

Vl 13 Mar, 2017

Opencv Visual studio 2017 simple hack installation

This tutorial shows you how to use and install OpenCV 3 + in Visual Studio 2017. It is more hack than a proper install. Using Nuget pack...

Vl 12 Mar, 2017 5