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Aggregate channel features ACF Pedestrian Detector

I am testing Aggregated Channel Features ACF [1] for mode than 6 months.  Features are extracted from 10 channels, L LUV, U LUV, V LU...

Vl 9 Dec, 2015 6

Opencv C++ Tutorial Sliding Window

Opencv C++ tutorial about object detection with sliding window. A sliding window is easy to implement on a single scale and also not to mu...

Vl 8 Dec, 2015 5

Opencv C++ Tutorial, Mat Roi, Region of interest

Simple opencv C++ tutorial on how to work with ROI. Code example about selecting the rectangle region of interest inside the image and cut...

Vl 8 Dec, 2015 12

Opencv C++ Tutorial Mat resize

Resize the Mat or Image in the Opencv C++ tutorial. It is obviously a simple task and important to learn. This tutorial is visualized step ...

Vl 7 Dec, 2015 11

Facial landmark detection, Another Great results from Czech Republic

This is another great result of the Czech school of computer vision. The facial landmark detector was developed at Czech Technical Univer...

Vl 3 Dec, 2015 2

Smart advertising panels, Opencv C++ app in chrome by Google Native Client

Smart billboards with computer vision Smart billboards like big TV panels in supermarkets is not really smart. This simple example ...

Vl 1 Dec, 2015 3

Helicopter with vibrating suspended load

Position and vibration control This is really nice control example on experimental tool developed in our group at Czech Technical Univer...

Vl 23 Nov, 2015