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Opencv 3 mask over the face by detectMultiScale - face detection

This tutorial demonstrates how to use OpenCV and C++ to detect faces in an image and replace them with a mask. By following these easy ste...

Vl 1 Sep, 2023 8

OpenCV matchTemplate function tutorial to find matching template in source image

In this article, I will show you how to find a template image in a bigger source image using OpenCV C++. This is a useful technique for obj...

Vl 13 Jul, 2023

Compile Opencv 4.7.0 with FFmpeg 5 compiled from the source in Ubuntu

In Opencv 4.7 release notes, There is mentioned FFmpeg 5.x support improved. So let's compile FFmpeg 5.x from the source first and then ...

Vl 26 Feb, 2023

Building OpenCV 4.x, with FFmpeg on Ubuntu 22.04

I compiled OpenCV from source code many times on different platforms and configurations. I recently tried to compile OpenCV on ubuntu with...

Vl 1 Dec, 2022

Easy Dockerfile based apache Superset installation with custom DB driver

The easiest way to start with superset and custom database Driver (MySQL) without docker-compose.I was experiencing a great lesson-and-learn...

Vl 22 Oct, 2022

Opencv tutorial RTMP video streaming to NGINX restream as HLS

Video streaming Tutorial of sending processed Opencv video to NGINX and distributing video from NGINX (broadcast) by HLS stream for a wider ...

Vl 17 Feb, 2022