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OPENCV RGB Colors tutorial, color channel intensity given by slider

Opencv C++ simple tutorial about the colors and color channels. There are a couple of tricks you can play with in Opencv. It is fun and ea...

Vl 11 Oct, 2016

People tracking and head detection in Opencv example.

Opencv people tracking by head detection Opencv head detection is much more complicated than the whole body detection.. Learning is the...

Vl 30 Sep, 2016 5

Easy Opencv 3.1, opencv 2.4.13 instalation Visual Studio 2015 NUGET

Easy Opencv installation for Visual Studio 2015 C++ project by NUGET packages. Your opencv is ready to use under 2 minutes after you find ...

Vl 20 Aug, 2016 12

Iceland video tracking and stabilization example

My iceland video tracking example i know that, I did not write anything interesting for a long time.. I am working on it.. ...

Vl 26 Jul, 2016 1

Opencv tracking example

Median flow tracker code coming soon Simple median flow tracker base od goodFeaturesToTrack  calcOpticalFlowPyrLK TODO comp...

Vl 14 Mar, 2016 1

Fast Opencv people pedestrian detection Tutorial by CascadeClassifier

Simple Opencv C++ tutorial and example of people detection in video samples and pictures. People detection performance in opencv could be ...

Vl 11 Mar, 2016 20