Computer vision and social media brands analysis

Computer vision and brands taging

This year, I have conducted a number of meetings with many people about same and same topics. Idea is simple but what about solution and realization. Is it simple to? 
Let me comment or message pls. 

What is going on?

Brand recognition, automatic tags and statistics from the users picture. 

If you know some kind of service like this pls let me know. I really want to discuss limitation and realization of these kind of projects. 

We are all working on image segmentation and scene understanding using random trees, forest, ferns and deep learning methods. We are trying to find horses in images and tennis racket. . . . etc. I am really glad that, I am mainly working with detection up to 10 category. What about analysis and recognition of brands like on picture. And worse, Imagine case of analyze Instagram images and your output look like this.

user: Vladimir, where: noLocated, brands: 2 [starbucks coffee, juice] 

In advance the output know that Vladimir has juice and coffee probably at Starbucks. 

Computer vision Brands analysis

People around the world share tons of images from the pubs, restaurant and public places. Doing lots of thing and eat and drink more than million of products around the world. 

We can find Coca-Cola logo multiscale, in different rotation and transformation over a lots of images, if I correct.  
Can we do this with 1000 of brands over large images sets?  

I have an meeting on Friday with potential customer. I can offer only 10 brand on really small sample of images per second. Sure If I have infinite amount of computer resources. Blab la bla J something like this is possible. Problem is price reasonable for the customer. Anyone has some experiences ?

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