Review of machine learning course by Andrew Ng

Machine learning by Andrew Ng

machine learning

I would like to summarize couple of thoughts about this famous coursera course. I just guess what you want to know. There is couple of facts important for me.

Facts about

  • Link to course here
  • Price 75 dollars, not sure 
  • 11 weeks, 25 assignment from that 8 programming exercises in Matlab Octave.
  • You need to pass all assignment to get Certificate
  • Not a problem to finish in 5 weeks.
  • Video lectures, PDF, discussion, Matlab Octave background materials, data sets, and much more, teachers to help you any time
  • As a student, you focus on critical elements to really understand the machine learning. Not how to use and build model in TensorFlow like in some other course.. 
  • In Matlab, Octave you design and programming critical parts to be able understand how  machine learning works. Not python call of some black box. Real Math behind..
Again and again constructing different Cost function for different type of problems to be able to evaluate how good your model is. 
Gradient descent in different application and debugging if you are on right track. Advance method of optimization and different types of learning batch, stochastic gradient descent and many other for large scale machine learning.  

  • Some course about deep learning focus for example to using tensorflow and design model in tensorFlow. Not to essentials of ML implementations and    
What is included

  • Linear regression to predict or maybe better to understand evaluation of some metrics based on some observation. 
  • Logistic regression to be able assigned something to class or not 0, 1
  • Neural networks, Cost function, Learning by back propagation and handling of over fitting.
  • SVM one of the best machine learning result of all time. 
  • K mean to be able observe several cluster center in unsupervised learning  
  • Evaluation, error according to recognize the problem before your learning ends nowhere. This practical part to recognize over fitting and high bias is everywhere.  It is right. The concept is quite known. The experience in ML is hard to learn almost harder than the theory itself. 
  • Unsupervised learning, K mean and PCA 
  • Quite lots of application example, Building and design of recommendation system and anomaly detection

Basically like any others ML bachelor course in little bit extended focus in neural networks application and implementation details. Which is plus and very good starting point. 

What is missing ? There is no topics like. This topics you should study after you fully understand the previous topics quite well, anyway.

  • Recurrent Neural networks 
  • Deep learning 
  • Convolution neural network 
Thanks for this course.. I got my certificate on Linkedin. My knowledge are far behind but still this is great extension and recapitulation of already known thinks towards better understanding.. 

Go and take it.. 
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