Science and computer vision journals, conferences and sources

Science Journals in general

I think that, if you have something published in IEEE. You are the really good one. I have. It is not in computer vision, but IEEE transaction and automatic control. If you choose IEEE  series, it is something like a guarantee of quality in engineering.

Pls. Do not pay for the impact factor. The people who want access to resources of good information have to pay for them. If you pay to be published somewhere. Sorry, Your work is not good enough or You do not have the nerves to the admissions process . There is one exception. You can pay for public access to your journal paper in some cases.

Personally, I think that only 10 percent of this articles and science papers are valuable more than Starbucks coffee. Maybe less than. The really good one research progress are almost publically available or behind closed doors of big company. The best from the good ones go to public. They do not afraid of their good work. They want to attract sponsors and company to sell their skills, knowledge and bring ideas fast to the real word with company which offer to bring idea into real world.

This is the problem. Best of the research papers leak public. Why do I pay for IEEE Explorer subscription after left school.

Computer Vision Journals and conferences 

Conferences are great..Particularly workshops can help you to move forward in your research.

IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, CVPR 2016

IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence

IEEE Transactions on Image Processing Link

European Conference on Computer Vision

IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision, ICCV

Pattern Recognition

International Journal of Computer Vision

Medical Image Analysis

Image and Vision Computing

CVPR 2016 Tutorial and workshop list 

Workshops and tutorials are great reasources and list of incoming CVPR 2016 conference is here workshops and here tutorials.

Another computer vision tutorials

My favourite Tutorials are also from standford.

Deep Learning Tutorial

Deep learning tutorial

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