Open Hybrid - augmented reality interacting with Physical world

Computer vision tracking in augmented reality

Open Hybrid computer vision

Open Hybrid is a platform that allows you interact with physical world. It combines physical objects with augmented user interface. This platform allows to designers create an Augmented reality apps with simple HTML interface. Benefits is that programmers of the apps only using interface and no 3D or computer vision knowledge is needed. You can add functionality to the physical world object and deploy your program on platforms like Arduino.

Open Hybrid augmented reality controller 

For example, you can add a virtual slider for the physical devices controlled by Arduino or another platform.
Can you imagine usage of this framework in daily live?
Brilliant idea, It could be simple interface for everything you want. Do you want control heater? Lets put marker on devices you want to control and add the augmented reality control heater panel. Simple slider let you control your physical devices.  Also you can add another data sources to your project and interact with object based on actual temperature and so on.

Problem of augmented reality

What is main problem of this solution? Actually, why should you control object like this if you can control directly by web interface in common web application. The devices is still connected with physical object. Everything is same but in augmented reality you can control physical world by virtual slicer. This is really cool! But the physical devices can be controlled directly by normal slider on mobile app. There is only one difference. Virtual slider appear on marker and slider in phone appear when you start the app. I am pretty sure that the marker in simple app works perfectly.
Is there any advantages. S My first thought is about location. You are a manager of large warehouse and you have lots of things to control and authenticate. But still there is a marker. You can simply start controller of your object in simple web app by QR code instead augmented reality app.
Maybe the advantages is about connecting many physical devices into more complex control platforms and visualize the relations between them. Another advantages is control of moving things, where the visual overview is needed. 

Another info on project  link

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    simwave December 8, 2016 at 4:28 PM

    Augmented Reality is a term for a live view of the physical environment whose elements are merged with, or augmented by virtual computer-generated imagery - creating a mixed reality.

    Interactive Design

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