The intelligent Computer vision processor CEVA-XM4

Human-Like Intelligent Vision Processing


The CEVA-XM4 is processor that support programmable vector architecture, fixed and float point math units and vision oriented low-power instruction set. The CEVA-XM4 advanced vector architecture that is 33% faster in image processing than GPU units. Main advantages is targeting the segment of mobile devices and IoT devices. This is evident in other benefits like small size, extremely small consuming of energy.

CEVA XM4 architecture
CEVA-XM4 processor focus on Real-Time depth mapping and point cloud applications, computational photography for image enhancement algorithms and deep learning like convolutional neural network (CNN) for object detection, image recognition and context-aware algorithm. 

CEVA XM4 target market

CEVA-XM4 market

This processor focus on wide area of application in fields like smart devices, Automotive, Security & surveillance camera and wearables devices like glasses, sport cameras, drons and robots. 

CEVA XM4 impressive results

  • Real time computer vision apps on HD and 4k video streams 
  • Depth and 3d augmented reality apps 
  • Multi functional computer vision apps combining gesture, face recognition, emotion recognition, eye tracking applications in super resolution with multiple frames processed at once. 
  • Deep learning recognition and detection apps with deep neural network optimized with fixed point low-power architecture.


 processor key features include:

  • · Fully programmable in high level languages
  • · Scalar and Vector units to handle a mix of control and parallel code efficiently
  • · Very Long Instruction Word (VLIW) and Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) functionality
  • · Full memory sub-system for easy integration into SOCs, utilize multi-core and hardware accelerator connectivity using standard interfaces
  • · Automated traffic management from the system into local memories to best performance and power efficiency
  • · Flexible precision: A combination of mixing efficient fixed-point and floating-point math

CEVA-XM4 complete development platform

  •    Extensive vision libraries accessible directly from the CPU for offloading the computer vision functions to achieve energy saving
  • · Robust software development tools and a software development framework
  • · Hardware development platform
  • · Product level software applications developed by CEVA, including Digital Video Stabilizer and Super Resolution

Source Ceva

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