Machine learning, computer vision are future of Fake news

Future of Machine learning in 2017 from the dark side

Machine intelligence is our future. It is almost everywhere in some form right over the web. Machine learning started to be part of the small devices, distributed systems, cars, cameras and many others. Widely connected, distributed and able to do incredible thinks. Every technology has its plus and minus. I will try to focus on one strange minus. So powerful to destroy future of individual peoples, governments and institutions.
Machine learning future

Machine learning generated FAKE news

This will be serious problem in near future. Even now, is a problem realize, what is true and what is not. It is hard to find from the heap of resources the good one and believe what trusted media brings on board. Most probably, you can heard about PewDiePie vs Wall Street Journal. Whole thinks is just obscure. Call the joking YouTuber the racist and so on. Is little bit to much.  Sure everyone have different sense of humor. Difference is also in each countries. To be visible, famous and do not piss anybody in this world is almost impossible. Still this is only internet, this is only humor and it is hard to find true in what is written. 

What people believe

People maybe in near future stop trust to written media at all. What about the others media. Can we expect the same ? We trust to most of the thinks which are visible on the screen and even better with sound. Probably you know following video.. If not. Go on. 

Project Page:

Scary. The future of machine learning is almost like any breaking through technology. Lost of positives. Tons of negatives.

Trusted media

Behavior of trusted media which fighting for every our advertisement per click rating. Basically money are follow the strange rules. In better cases, They publish almost everything what is caught on camera or audio as a true. In worse example they are just speculating over the pictures. Even worse, brings the fake pictures online.   This could be worse problem than the media stand side by side the owners. 

Fake on real faces

On the video above, I can not recognize the difference between real behavior and acting behavior. We can expect the whole scenes generated fake news. Whole, situation. Recurrent neural network now successfully generate music but they are also generate trustful tone and character of the voice of concrete person.

We have fake behavior in video. We can generate speech and follow the real template of concrete person. 

Challenge for machine learning of 2017 

Now we successfully doing interesting staff against us. We need to also find the way how to use this technology to defense us against fake news, fake actors, fake speech. There is the real power to destroy lot of the thinks over us.. 

Machine learning vs machine learning  To understand the truth

Fight already begin  

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