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Research results in vibration control, Time delay systems and control theory


How force to follow through the Ph.D. thesis. This is my background.  Miles away from the images, video and machine learning. At the end, All is the same. Math, math is the connection and again Algebra, little bit optimization and math again.

I was focus mainly to vibration control, modern control theory like H_inf optimization, MIMO systems and system with time delay. All started connected to project with Boeing ACFA 2020. Flexible crazy new construction that needs to upgrade the control law according to this new concept.
Another crazy project was related to time delay, signal shapers, vibration control and resonators.
Love it.

Is this related to computer vision ?

No, i felt with love with computer vision for many reason. You can see the result. You can achieve and build something by your own skills. You dont need to construct the machine to drive and test something and the computer vision is really cool combination of programming skills, algorithm optimizations, smart solutions, machine learning, math and much more..
Maybe, I visit to many areas to be close to perfect state in if only one of them. This unique knowledge connections give me so much more that just stay on one topics for the whole life.

Impacted journals

[1] Vyhlidal, Tomas, Kucera, Vladimir, Hromcik, Martin, :Signal shaper with a distributed delay: Spectral analysis and design , In: AUTOMATICA , 2013 , pp.: 3484-3489 , ISSN.: 0005-1098 ,WOS:000326553300038 , Web of Science® Times Cited: 2
[2] Vyhlidal, Tomas, Olgac, Nejat, Kucera, Vladimir, :Delayed resonator with acceleration feedback - Complete stability analysis by spectral methods and vibration absorber design , In: JOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION , 2014 , pp.: 6781-6795 , ISSN.: 0022-460X
[3] Vyhlidal T., Hromcik M., Kucera V. Anderle M., On feedback architectures with zero vibration signal, Submited to IEEE TAC, accepted
[4] Kucera V., Pilbaurer D. ,Vyhlidal T., Olgac N, “Extended Delayed Resonators Implementation aspects and experimental verification” IFAC Mechatronics
[5] Kucera V., Vyhlidal T. “Stability analysis of double delayed resonator” Final revision

Conference papers

[6] Sipahi R.,Kucera V,Vyhlidal T.,Stability Analysis and Control Design of a Vibration Control System with Uncertain and Tunable Delays, Accepted 2015 IFAC Workshop on Time Delay Systems
[7] Vyhlidal, Tomas; Hromcik, Martin; Kucera, Vladimir Inverse signal shapers in effective feedback architecture Conference: European Control Conference (ECC) Location: ETH Zurich, Zurich, SWITZERLAND Date: JUL 17-19, 2013
[8] Double oscillatory mode compensation by inverse signal shaper with distributed delays By: Vyhlidal, Tomas; Hromcik, Martin; Kucera, Vladimir; et al. Book Group Author(s): IEEE Conference: 13th European Control Conference (ECC) Location: Univ Strasbourg, Strasbourg, FRANCE Date:JUN 24-27, 2014

[9] Vyhlidal, Tomas, Kucera, Vladimir, Hromcik, Martin, :Spectral features of ZVD shapers       with lumped and distributed delays , In: 2013 9TH ASIAN CONTROL CONFERENCE      (ASCC) , 2013 , pp.: , ISBN.: 978-1-4673-5767-8 ,WOS:000333734900326
[10] Haniš, T. - Kučera, V. - Hromčík, M.: Low Order H∞Optimal Control for ACFA Blended Wing Body. In: 4th European Conference for Aerospace Sciences. Paříž: Eucass, 2011, art. no. 604,
[11] Kučera, V. - Hromčík, M. - Vyhlídal, T.: Delay-Based Shapers for Controlling Vibration in Future Aircraft. In: Proceedings of the 13th Mechatronics Conference. Linz: Universität Linz, 2012, p. 267-272. ISBN 978-3-99033-042-5
 [12] Kucera, Vladimir; Hromcik, Martin; Vyhlidal, Tomas, Experimental comparison of signal shapers with lumped and distributed delays International Conference on Process Control (PC)Location: SLOVAKIA Date: JUN 18-21, 2013
[13] Hanis T.,Kucera V.,Hromcik M.” Low Order H_inf Optimal Control for ACFA Blended Wing Body”,4th European Conference for Aerospace Sciences, Saint Petersburg 2011
[14]Kucera V., Hromcik M. “Delay-based input command shapers: frequency properties and finite-dimensional alternatives”,Proceedings of the 18th IFAC World Congress, Milan 2011
[15]Kucera V., Hromcik M. “Delay-based input shapers in feedback interconnections”,Proceedings of the 18th IFAC World Congress, Milan 2011
[16]Kucera V., Hromcik M. “Delay-based signal shapers and ACFA 2020 BWB aircraft FCS”, 4th European Conference for Aerospace Sciences, Saint Petersburg 2011
[17]Kucera V., Hromcik M., “Feed-Forward Delay-based Input Shaper Confrontation With Active Feedback Control”,The 6th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems: Technology and Applications, Prague 2011
[18]Kucera V., Hromcik M.,”Signal Shapers for BWB Aircraft Control”,Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Process Control, Tatranská Lomnica, 2011
[19], Vyhlidal T., Kucera V., Hromcik M.”Input Shapers with Uniformly Distributed delays”, Accepted to 10-th IFAC workshop on Time Delay Systems, Boston, 2012
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