October 2016

Denoising opencv image in C++, Video is the same. Image in the loop.

The Opencv library has build-in a powerful denoising algorithm based on non-local means. The method is based on the theory publishe...

Vl 31 Oct, 2016 2

Noise Reduction in Iphone SE slow motion, Denoising and image stabilization Added..

FastMeansDenoisingColoredMulti VS just DenoisingColored in Opencv with image stabilization video example C++ tutorial and code is...

Vl 28 Oct, 2016 1

Opencv video and image noise reduction. Smart denoising of Iphone SE slow motion video.

Smart noise reduction (denoise) Iphone SE video  C++ tutorial and code is here I expect that i finish this tutorial until the end ...

Vl 24 Oct, 2016

Opencv Multiple People Tracking. It is necessary to be perfect ?

Multiple people tracking Opencv tracking of multiple people example videos and some ideas about the business behind. I would like to menti...

Vl 18 Oct, 2016 36

OPENCV RGB Colors tutorial, color channel intensity given by slider

Opencv C++ simple tutorial about the colors and color channels. There are a couple of tricks you can play with in Opencv. It is fun and ea...

Vl 11 Oct, 2016